Mysteria Lucis Chapter Meetings

This is the schedule for our chapter meetings.

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DateLead Morning PrayerPreach during Morning PrayerLead ongoing formation
(Desiderio Desideravi paragraphs shown in brackets)
Lead Salve Regina
2022 August 6th 9:30am-11:30amConchita-St. Dominic's Feast Day, St. Mary's Rectory Basement-
2022 September 17th 9:15am-12:15pmConchitaLani-Mark
2022 October 15th 9:15am-12:15pmJosieFiorellaAnnual General Meeting and electionLani
2022 November 12th 10:30amSt. Mary's Church-Ordination of Gilles Simard OP-
2022 November 19th 9:15am-12:15pmMarkJosieCathy (1-9)Josie
2022 December 17th 9:15am-12:15pmFiorellaMarkLani (10-20)Conchita
2023 January 21st 9:15am-12:15pmAdeliaCathyConchita (21-26)Mark
2023 February 18th 9:15am-12:15pmMarkLuisaEsther (27-36)-
2023 March 18th 9:15am-12:15pmConchitaRobertLenten RetreatRosa
2023 April 15th 9:15am-12:15pmLuisaMarkJosie (37-47)-
2023 May 20th 9:15am-12:15pmMarkLaniRobert (48-56)Conchita
2023 June 17th 9:15am-12:15pmEsther-Mark (57-65)-
2023 August 5th 9:15am-12:15pm--St. Dominic's Feast Day-