Mysteria Lucis Chapter Meetings

This is the schedule for our chapter meetings.

DateLead morning prayerPreach during morning prayerInitial formationOngoing formation study topicOngoing formation leader
6th July 2019--NoWalk with MaryMass at St. Andrew's Church Vancouver at 9am. Walk at Langara Golf Course at 10am.
8th August 2019--NoSt. Dominic's Feast DayQueen of Peace Monastery
7th September 2019--YesRelit 6Lani
21st September 2019--NoAnnual General MeetingMark
5th October 2019--YesRelit 7-
19th October 2019--NoDominican Saints: Blessed Pier Georgio FrassatiThomas
2nd November 2019--YesRelit 8-
16th November 2019--No--
7th December 2019--YesAdvent retreat?Fr. Gabriel?
4th January 2020--YesChristmas partyN/A
18th January 2020--No--
1st February 2020--YesRelit 9-
15th February 2020--No--
7th March 2020--YesRelit 10-
21st March 2020--No--
4th April 2020--YesRelit 11-
18th April 2020--NoLenten retreat-
2nd May 2020--YesRelit 12-
16th May 2020--No--
6th June 2020--YesRelit 13-
20th June 2020--No--
8th August 2020--NoSt. Dominic's Feast Day-

Guidelines for Relit Group Facilitators

There should be two group facilitators and each should have a copy of the 'Facilitator Guide' as well as their own 'Participant Guide'.

1) Read the quote and summary found at the beginning of the session aloud and allow a moment of reflection.
2) Read the ‘session transition’ statement.
3) Play the video.
4) Read the ‘takeaway’ statement.
5) Invite participants to split into two discussion groups, one in the basement and one upstairs in the living room.
6) In the discussion groups allow 10 minutes or so for participants to quietly answer the knowledge, reflection and application questions, writing their answers in their participant guides.
7) In the discussion groups discuss these questions together.
8) Finish by 12:15pm for the Salve Regina altogether.