Lay Dominican Formation

Dominicans study so that we are better able to preach the gospel. For Lay Dominicans, this is part of our ongoing formation as lay evangelists.

For our ongoing formation for 2023-2024, we are studying St. Thomas Aquinas to commemorate the following anniversaries:
18th July 2023 - 700th anniversary of the canonization of St Thomas
7th March 2024 - 750th anniversary of the death of St. Thomas
2025 - 800th anniversary of the birth of St. Thomas

DatePresenterTitlePresentation SlidesRecording
2023 November 18thRosaOverview of St. ThomasPDF-
2024 January 20th ConchitaIntroduction to Summa TheologicaPDFAudio recording (starts at slide 10 "Syllogism is a classical form...)

Reference material

Summa Theologia (tr. by English Dominican Province)
Sacred Texts website
New Advent website

Summa consists of three parts and supplements (not by St. Thomas):
prima pars (I),
prima secundae partis (II-1),
secunda secundae partis (II-2),
tertia pars (III),
supplementum tertiae partis.
Each part is subdivided into questions of the titles and then articles. That is how St. Thomas structured Summa to teach the students. If you wish to make a reference to Summa, please indicate which question from which part and then the number of the article, which would be helpful for the audience (or readers).